Drainable Housewraps: Added Defense Against Water Intrusion

on: 05/03/2016

By: Chris Daniel Topics: housewrap

Housewraps have been in the building construction market since the early 1970’s and continue to be the preferred choice of construction barriers for builders today. Architects insist on using housewraps as the most specified wall barrier products in the market. They perform excellently as water and ... Read More

5 Most Important Features When Choosing A House Wrap.

on: 03/01/2016

By: Chris Daniel Topics: housewrap

While there are many factors that go into choosing the best housewrap for your project, there are key elements that must be considered first and foremost. Listed below are the five top performance factors that should be reviewed when picking the right house wrap for the job: 1. MVTR or Perm Level: ... Read More



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